iPad RPG Games

When Apple first released its iPod Touch and iPhone, it was the pinnacle of innovation when it came to modern technology. Once Apple released its first tablet named the iPad, the technology world stood in awe at all the features it is capable of. It also means that many of your favorite games can be played in a whole new way on a nice big screen. Many game developers have ported classic RPG games to the delight of many gamers around the world.

One of the more popular RPG games on the iPad is Pocket Legends. Pocket Legends is a free to play MMO and has full 3D graphics. The use of the touchscreen allows you to move the camera with ease. There’s the option of using a virtual joystick to move your character around, but simply touching on the screen has been the more popular option for many iPad gamers.

As an MMO game, you can interact with other players within the world of Pocket Legends. You can bring up the onscreen keyboard to say hello to other players and even add them onto your friends list. There’s also a PvP option in this game where you and your friends can fight against other players of the same level. Much like many other MMOs the game is update frequently giving you more quests to complete and secrets to explore. Even non-RPG fans may find something fun in Pocket Legends. After all, it’s free to download.

Another great RPG game to play for the iPad is Dragon Hunter 2. Dragon Hunter 2 is an action RPG that promises not to be as slow paced as many other RPG games before it. It’s an action RPG so combat is seamless and fast. Gameloft (the game’s developer) wanted to make the game www.ufabet more immersive and interesting by introducing varied and colorful worlds. I believe they have achieved this as Dragon Hunter 2 looks stunning in full 3D.

Dragon Hunter 2 is fun as a single player experience but you can also play it with a friend in co-op mode. This adds to the overall experience of the game as there’s nothing better than defeating enemies than having a mate alongside you to help you out in stick situations. Dragon Hunter 2 is available now to download via the app store for $9.99.

Another innovative RPG game available for the iPad is Puzzle Quest 2. Puzzle Quest plays like any other traditional RPG game, only that combat is played out via a competitive puzzle game. It’s game where you have to arrange the coins so that 3 of the same colored coins are matching. The more you do this the more damage you can do to your opponent. Along the way you will unlock new skills so defeating enemies will be easier.

Graphically, the game is as beautiful as the Xbox LIVE Arcade version. The 2D cel-shaded graphics is breathtaking and really adds to the overall medieval atmosphere of the game. I found Puzzle Quest 2 to be a very fun game myself, but it’s not a game that everyone may enjoy as the puzzles can get harder the more you progress through the game.

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